Respuesta a: 2013 Jaguar F-Type


Y si nos sorprenden con un motor trasero???

For the past several weeks, rumors have been circulating about a possible new model from Jaguar to compete with the Porsche 911. The project has not yet been approved, but Jaguar insiders have described it as the “top priority” for the automaker in terms of targeting a new niche.

Jaguar is widely expected to borrow some design cues from the popular F-Type concept, with a more modern twist. Our illustration depicts a car with a shorter overall wheelbase than the XK, plus an F-Type-inspired nose.

Even if approved, the two-seater is still a few years away. Tata’s “can-do” mindset might lead to a faster development process, but we’re still in for a long wait. Using an existing platform — such as a shortened version of the XK chassis — might also help bring the new model to market sooner.

The puristic sports car could wear the F-Type badge, but Jaguar appears to be switching to a lineup of models starting with “X,” so we wouldn’t be surprised to see a different nameplate.