Respuesta a: 2012 BMW Serie 3


Parece que es inmediatamente después de Ginebra, en el de Leipzig.

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[u]November 2011:[/u]

    F30 3-series sedan comes first it will be officially announced in November in London – due to BMW’s association with the 2012 olympics where BMW will also showcase their latest models in a specially built pavilion during the duration of the olympics, as well as being official vehicle sponsor.

[u]March 2012:[/u]

    F30 sedan public debut will be at the Geneva show in March 2012 coinciding with the European on sale date.
    An Active Hybrid F30 3-series as a Concept will be shown at Geneva.
    The Touring will be revealed afterwards and debut at the AMI in Leipzig. Home to the largest 3er Touring market, Germany.

[u]April 2012:[/u]

    The Beijing Autoshow BMW will unveil the China only 3erLi (long wheelbase).

[u]Summer/September 2012:[/u]

    US sales of the F30 sedan begin that Summer.
    F31 3er Touring is not coming to the US Market.
    3-series Touring will go on sale in Europe in September 2012.

[u]3-series GT (Gran Turismo):[/u]

  You will see the 3er Gran Turismo in the near future just as you first saw the 5er Gran Turismo… As a Concept Car before arriving in the market in early 2013.[/i]