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    2012 Lotus Esprit 1Fiorano

    Artists have provided us with this rendering of the 2012 Lotus Esprit, a potential competitor to the Audi R8.  The British automaker had previously confirmed plans to bring the iconic sports car to market for the first time since 2004, if they sell enough current models to pay for the project.

    First produced in 1976, the original Lotus Esprit was based on the 1972 Italdesign concept shown at the Turin Motor Show.  Created by legendary designer Giorgetto Giugiaro, the Lotus Esprit was released as a well handling, but underpowered sports car.  It gained in popularity through an appearance in The Spy Who Loved Me when it served a dual-purpose as a submarine.  With each successive model, the car gained more power, leading to the 350 hp Lotus Esprit V8.  In its 28 year run, 10,675 units were sold.

    If released, the new Esprit would have a mid-mounted V8 engine, but where they get the engine from is anyone’s guess.  The company could stick with Toyota, who provides the 3.5-liter V6 on the Lotus Evora.  Toyota currently produces several V6 models, including an aluminum-block unit which powers the Toyota Supra GT500 racecar.  The upcoming Esprit should be both wider and longer than the Evora, evoking a more supercar feel.

    Mixing this idea with the round, curved features at the front-end of the Evora and Elise, the artist’s drawing shows an Esprit that looks like it belongs in the current Lotus lineup.  Drawing off one of the first released shots of the Evora, the artist widened out the front end, adding a larger grille, while extending the height of the fenders.  Turn signals are integrated into the angular side mirrors, matching a more defined style on the side panels.  The boot is longer, but the artist kept the wheels right at the very end of the car.  This drawing also features a unique, dual-spoke light-weight wheel.

    With any luck, the new Lotus Esprit will be introduced in 2011 as a 2012 model year car.


    2012 Lotus Esprit 2http://img.worldcarfans.com/2009/6/large/602444082.jpg" />

    2012 Lotus Esprit 3psede

    muy bocazas… pero precioso, algo así no se vería nada mal…

    2012 Lotus Esprit 4The_Osco

    Eso es que habla mucho je je je.

    2012 Lotus Esprit 5Jalmenaraster

    Está bien, pero lo veo más como Evora S que como Espirit.

    2012 Lotus Esprit 6BLACK_SLR

      Muy lindo, pero espero no que no sea tan Evora…

    2012 Lotus Esprit 7olo

    New Esprit gets green light

    Lotus has finally given the green light to a replacement for the Esprit, a model that will have an essential role in boosting the Hethel firm’s brand image.

    Key elements to the Lotus strategy have emerged weeks before new CEO Danny Bahr is due to reveal his seven-year plan for the company.

    A Lotus source said the new supercar (known as Esprit internally, but it could get a different name) would be an “essential brand image builder” and a “high-status purchase”.

    Lotus is targeting a power-to-weight ratio of 275-325bhp per tonne for its new flagship; an Audi R8 V10 has 319bhp per tonne.

    Our source said the company 
is planning a three-tier line-up, with the four-cylinder Exige, 
Elise and Europa all falling into one group and the bigger V6 Evora in the other. He said there would always be room for an Esprit-like car. “It will be the ultimate expression of the brand,” he added.

    As part of its business plan, Lotus has also been pitching the Evora platform technology to other companies. The Versatile Vehicle Architecture (VVA) can be adapted to create almost any type of vehicle, from a sports car to an SUV.

    As an example of VVA’s flexibility, Lotus has provided an illustration showing the Evora platform with an electric powertrain, although a source said the firm would not be building an electric car.

    However, Autocar has learned that the company is working on eight hybrid and electric projects for other firms.

    VVA is being offered predominantly to small companies for niche products, and Lotus can supply either an Evora chassis or a bespoke platform.

    “If manufacturers want to do niche vehicles easily and effectively, this is the way to do it,” said our source.


    2012 Lotus Esprit 8Mondeo

    Sería lindo que Lotus desarrollara un V8 propio.

    2012 Lotus Esprit 9Cotxo

    El amarillo me encanta!

    2012 Lotus Esprit 10Contrail
    2012 Lotus Esprit 11nissan_skyline

    El amarillo es una maravilla

    2012 Lotus Esprit 8Mondeo

    Radical changes are taking place at Lotus. Auto Express has learned that a raft of new models will debut at the Paris Motor Show in October, including a new Esprit (pictured), two new front-engined GT cars and a new roadster. The models will appear in the form of concepts at the French event.

    The news comes as the company served all of its European dealerships with notice. The shock move means all of their contracts to sell Lotus cars will come to an end in July 2012, as part of plans to completely overhaul the dealer network.The Norfolk-based company has confirmed that current dealers will be able to apply for new contracts  under new terms.

    More will be revealed at Paris, where the firm’s five-year plan to dramatically increase profitability through its new range of more upmarket models, which will challenge Porsche and Ferrari more closely.


    2012 Lotus Esprit 13waldote111

    el amarillo está un 99% perfecto!

    2012 Lotus Esprit 9Cotxo


    2012 Lotus Esprit 13waldote111

    creo que dentro de los superdeportivos, los británicos logran conjugar perfectamente un estilo muy deportivo, pero con una elegancia intrínseca. algo que los italianos compensan con la típica agresividad en el diseño, muy propia de ellos.

    2012 Lotus Esprit 6BLACK_SLR

      Ya es hora de verlo, Lotus no debio quedarse sin el Esprit, fue una gran burrada de la marca…

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