2013 Jaguar F-Type

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    Creo que [b]dortmunder[/b], ha explicado eso antes.

    ostras… lo siento… no lo habia visto.


    Future Jaguar F-Type

    Ratan Tata, the soft-spoken urbane boss of the Indian giant conglomerate that has acquired Jaguar and Land Rover for $2.3 billion, was understandably very coy about his plans for the two iconic British brands at the Geneva show, as the deal still had to be confirmed.

    That was finally done in late March — so what does the future hold for one of Britain’s premier marques? One new car that seems a betting certainty is a successor to the fabled E-Type, to be dubbed the F-Type.

    In 2000 Jaguar unveiled an F-Type concept at that year’s Detroit show to much acclaim. Its swoopy curves and retro machine-turned fascia drew a lot of admiration, but it was ditched in favor of more mainstream products. “If Jaguar had gone ahead with the F-Type, the Boxster would have had a serious rival,” Porsche boss, Dr. Wendelin Wiedeking, once declared to me with some relief.

    Well, Dr. Wiedeking, it seems that the F-Type might just be resurrected under Jaguar’s new owners. Certainly the important players within Jaguar, from design to engineering to marketing, want it.

    But how? The simple (read: inexpensive) route is to chop down the XF’s platform, making it into a narrower and shorter 2-seater, while still using the XK’s aluminum suspension components to save weight (just as the XF does).

    Now that the Tata-Ford deal is sorted, we know that the supply relationship between the two will continue for some years, with Tata relying on the Blue Oval for many of its powertrains. So, the F-Type will probably start with the current V-6 with 235 bhp. But to compete with the Porsche Boxster, Jaguar’s engineers will need to find another 70 horses to put it on equal terms. Twin turbos are a possibility.

    When it comes to styling you can forget the Wolfgang Reitzle-inspired retro look that gave us the S-Type and current XJ. Jag design boss Ian Callum sees Sir William Lyons’ work not as an anchor to replicate, but as an inspiration to launch a new era.

    The XK is a step forward in that direction, but don’t think a future F-Type will be simply a slimmer version of the XK. Instead, take the E-Type, morph it into the radical C-XF concept and XF production car and then develop those themes to become the F-Type. Jaguar could very easily end up with the coolest sports car of the 21st century.

    http://www.roadandtrack.com/assets/image/2008/W17/4202008235219.jpg" />



      El Chop me encanta, se ve genial y muy deportivo…


    Es muy bonito, pero no le veo cara de Jaguar…es más, los faros me recuerdan al S2000



    Es verdad Fuego, me recordaban a algo pero no caía…a mi me gustaría mucho un rival para Z4, Boxster y cía…pero algo más euipado de serie que éstos, que parece que te compras un lego por el precio base….


    A mí me encanta.

    Como dice gambini, para rivalizar contra el BMW Z4, el Mercedes SLK, y el Honda S2000, estaría de maravilla.

    Aunque esta parrilla frontal la cambiaría un poquitñin…


      Se ve muy bien, a ver que tal lo dejan, los bocetosr del F-Type de hace años prometian…


    Esta genial, y la parrilla yo la dejaria tal cual. Si se le ve cara de jaguar


      Unos faros más a la C-XF le quedarian geniales…


    Jag’s XF Coupé gets ready to roar!
    Beautiful two-door takes fight to Audi A5.

    What a stunner! This is Jaguar’s new super coupé – a two-door sports car poised to take the Big Cat into uncharted territory by locking horns with the Audi A5 and BMW 3-Series Coupé.

    Expanding the highly successful XF range, the new coupé will combine striking looks with real driver appeal by adding a dramatic body to the saloon’s sporty underpinnings.

    As Auto Express revealed in Issue 1,039, the XF Coupé is a key part of a new model strategy by Jaguar’s parent company, Tata. The raft of sporty machines will include the model you see here, as well as a drop-top Roadster version and a two-seater rival to the Porsche Boxster.

    While the two-seater is still some way from showrooms, both the Coupé and Roadster go on sale here in 2010 – and they promise to give other prestige firms some tough competition.

    As you can see from our world exclusive pictures, the head-turning XF Coupé could do for Jaguar what the TT did for Audi. Taking much of its inspiration from design boss Ian Callum’s original C-XF concept car, it boasts a bold metal grille, piercing LED headlights and raised bonnet bulge, which hints at the power that lies beneath.

    The overall result is a strong visual identity, giving the car a much more aggressive face than the XF saloon. The high waistline provides further solidity in profile, and when combined with a steeply raked rear window and raised bootlid, it looks muscular and athletic.

    Inside, the cabin is set to be derived from the XF saloon’s, with touchscreens, a glove box which opens at the wave of a hand and a hidden gear selector. That raised rear end should mean a big boot, while there will be generous space for two adults in the back.

    Power will come from an updated range of petrol and diesel engines, which will debut in the XF next year. These include a 3.0-litre twin-turbodiesel and a 5.0-litre supercharged V8 for the flagship.

    The latter also features in the forthcoming XFR. It pumps out 500bhp, and should propel the XF Coupé from 0-60mph in five seconds – making it a genuine rival for BMW’s M3 and the Audi S5.

    All engines will be mated to Jaguar’s six-speed auto. Add in a sportier rear-wheel-drive set-up than in the XF, and it will be one of the most desirable Jaguars ever. Sales should kick off in 2010, with prices starting at around £35,000.
    http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/images/front_picture_library_UK/dir_588/car_photo_294114_25.jpg" />
    http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/images/front_picture_library_UK/dir_588/car_photo_294117_25.jpg" />
    http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/images/front_picture_library_UK/dir_588/car_photo_294120_25.jpg" />

    PD:Hay otro tema que se llama XF Coupe, que es como Autoexpress a titulado al coche del chop, pero creo que ese y este son el mismo coche, pero igual si es conveniente unir los temas o mover el mensaje pido a los moderadores que lo hagan


    Pues creo que una cosa tiene que ser el Xf Coupé y otra distinta un supuesto E-Type, me pasa un poco como el NSX, una cosa es un buen deportivo y otra un modelo que venga a utilizar el nombre de un mito.

    da tuning
    @da tuning

    muy guapo este ultimo


    New Jaguar F-type planned

    Plans for Jaguar’s on-again, off-again two-seater roadster are set to be revived. The car, code-named Jaguar F-type, could be launched in time for an end-of-recession launch in 2011.

    The Jaguar F-type, a Porsche Boxster rival, has the enthusiastic backing of group chairman Ratan Tata, who signalled his openness to it last year, even before his acquisition of Jaguar was complete. He believes Jaguar must use image projects like the new roadster to “show a new face” when demand for a new wave of more efficient luxury returns.

    The move signals Tata’s complete break with the management style of Ford, JLR’s former owner, which believed Jaguar needed to spend its restricted model development funds on ‘mainstream’ projects like the Jaguar X-type estate and diesel.

    “Putting exciting projects on the back burner is the thing we should not do,” said Tata. “Certainly we must attend to business by doing our utmost to cut costs and reduce time-frames, but above all we must ensure that we come out of this slump ahead of where we were – with exciting cars like the roadster that show where we want to go.”

    Jaguar showed a promising front-engine, rear-drive F-type concept car in 2000, touting it as evidence of an “intent to return to the sports car market in which we so successful in the ’50s and ’60s”, but subsequently dropped it to concentrate on more mainstream projects.

    Ufficiale: la nuova sportiva a due posti, erede della gloriosa E-Type che si chiamerà XE, sarà presentata in veste definitiva al Salone di Ginevra del 2011. Tale data non è stata scelta a caso da Jaguar, infatti sarà il 50esimo anniversaio del lancio della E-Type proprio lì a Ginevra.

    Motore anteriore, trazione posteriore e telaio in alluminio accorciato derivato dalla XJ. Potrebbe montare un nuovo motore V6 supercharged derivato dal nuovo V8 appena presentato sulle XF-R e XK-R.


    http://www.autocar.co.uk/contentImages//Car/Jaguar/Concepts/8199118284356×236.jpg" />


    Lo logico es que mantega la parrilla del primer chop que es mas proxima al XF que la del chop de Fio.

    Aun así, precioso.


    A mi me gustan cualquiera de los dos.


    me encanta


    A mí me encanta.

    Como dice gambini, para rivalizar contra el BMW Z4, el Mercedes SLK, y el Honda S2000, estaría de maravilla.

    Aunque esta parrilla frontal la cambiaría un poquitñin…

    El MX-5 también tiene derecho a estar en esa lista, eh?


    [quote quote="Castro"]
    A mí me encanta.

    Como dice gambini, para rivalizar contra el BMW Z4, el Mercedes SLK, y el Honda S2000, estaría de maravilla.

    Aunque esta parrilla frontal la cambiaría un poquitñin…

    El MX-5 también tiene derecho a estar en esa lista, eh?

    No, ni por tamaño ni por precio, rival del mazda seria el bluesport de vw, el hipotetico z2… 😉

    Foto de perfil de FacebookjavierAB

    A mi me gusta mucho más el segundo chop, lo identifico enseguida con un Jaguar, el primero no. Los coupes y roadster siempre deben ir siempre con la parrilla ovalada y estirada, y la otra parrilla para las berlinas.


    Es muy bonito, pero no le veo cara de Jaguar…es más, l[b]os faros me recuerdan al S2000[/b]


    Es lo primero que me vino a la mente. Jaguar poco a poco va revitalizando su linea de diseño que en particular no me gustaba para nada.

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