Maserati Ghibli Facelift (2020)

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    Anunciada la versión trofeo

    Nota de prensa

    With the new Trofeo collection, Ghibli and Quattroporte are transformed into Maserati super-sedans

    Modena, August 10th 2020 – First came Levante, presented in 2018, as the Granturismo philosophy in the body of an SUV with a potential speed of 302 kilometres an hour.

    Now, Ghibli and Quattroporte will be available in the Trofeo version, the top of the Maserati range. The brand’s trident – performance, style and flawless handling – honed to perfection. They will boast the same distinguishing features, remaining true to their original identities – sedans according to Maserati – but in a superlative new expression. They are to the previous versions what Flash is to Barry Allen, what Batman is to Bruce Wayne or Superman to Clark Kent. No capes or lasers beaming from the headlights, however, they have the power to hit 326 kilometres an hour: the fastest factory-issued Maserati sedans ever. They represent the ultra-modern fulfilment of the brand’s racing promise, which in the 1960’s came up with the concept of a sporty luxury sedan model. Ghibli and Quattroporte Trofeo represent a further evolution of the sedan, destiny’s children sporting carbon-fibre inserts. And they are also immune to kryptonite.

    Animated by a 580 horsepower V8 engine, they will speed along on 21-inch wheels, the largest sizes within this range. The hood of the Ghibli, already considered one of the most beautiful sedans ever, will boast two supplementary air vents, which relieve the heat whilst bustling a gritty roar. The lateral air vents, on the other hand, are bordered in red and wield the Trofeo name. The interiors are to be wrapped in full-grain Pieno Fiore natural leather and, just like the exteriors, they will boast 100% carbon-fibre inserts: Ghibli and Quattroporte in their Sunday best.

    Even the infotainment is new: a processor that’s four times as powerful, screen resolution that’s ten times better and a memory with twice the capacity of the previous version. This new system, featuring a high-resolution screen similar to a tablet, will render the user experience much more enjoyable, complete and customisable. The Italian flag will embellish the central pillar and, for their official launch, the Quattroporte model will be green, white Levante and red Ghibli. Because these superheroes are Made in Italy. Furthermore, Levante Trofeo, has been restyled with new rear lights, a new infotainment system and new design features. The Trofeo collection is not just about innovation for Maserati; it is about surpassing preconceptions and expectations. Superlative in every way, Trofeo redefines what a sedan and a SUV can be.


    Engine Layout Petrol 90° V8, twin-turbo – direct injection (GDI) Petrol 90° V8, twin-turbo – direct injection (GDI) Petrol 90° V8, twin-turbo – direct injection (GDI)
    Displacement (cc) 3,799 3,799 3,799
    Max. power output (hp @ rpm) [email protected] 6,250 (Europe; North America; Korea; China; Japan; India)

    [email protected] 6,250

    (other markets)

    580 @ 6,750 580 @ 6,750
    Peak torque (Nm @ rpm) 730 @ 2.500 – 5,000 [email protected] 2.250-5.250 [email protected] 2,250– 5,250
    Fuel Consumption WLTC  13.2-13.7 12.3-12.6 12.2-12.5
    0-100 km/h (sec) 4.1 (Europe; North America; Korea; China; Japan; India)

    3.9 (other markets)

    4.3 4.5
    Top speed (km/h) 302 km/h (Europe; North America; Korea; China; Japan; India)

    304 km/h (other markets)

    326 326
    100-0 km/h (m) 34.5 34.0 34.0
    Gearbox ZF eight-speed automatic
    Transmission Q4 Intelligent All-Wheel Drive with rear Limited-Slip Differential Rear-wheel drive with rear limited slip self-locking mechanical differential Rear-wheel drive with self-locking differential
    Front Suspension Double-wishbone, adjustable Air Springs, Skyhook shock absorbers Double-wishbone, Skyhook shock absorbers, anti-roll bar Double-wishbone, Skyhook shock absorbers, anti-roll bar
    Rear Suspension Multi-Link, adjustable Air Springs, Skyhook shock absorbers Multi-Link, Skyhook shock absorbers, anti-roll bar Multi-Link, Skyhook shock absorbers, anti-roll bar
    Length/width/height (mm) 5,003 / 1,968 / 1,679 4,971 / 1,945 / 1,461 5,262 / 1,948 / 1,481
    Wheelbase (mm) 3,004 2,998 3,171
    Kerb Weight (kg) 2,170 1,969 2,000



    La variante Trofeo será presentada el 10 de Agosto.






    Lo de la etiqueta eco estoy de acuerdo, pero eso ya es culpa de la DGT, en teoría a finales de año sacan una actualización de las etiquetas y pondrán en su sitio a los mildhybrid y los HEV normales, que ya va siendo hora de que se acabe el chiringuito.


    Lo han estado vendiendo demasiado como un coche electrificado, para luego meterle un sistema de 48v…

    Un tucson tambien tiene un sistema de 48v y no montan estos pollos. Mucho marketing y pocas nueces


    Tanto como estafa.

    Se sabía desde hace meses que sería un Mild Hybrid 2.0 turbo 48 V con 330 cv.

    Estafa es que estos coches como el RSQ8 lleven etiqueta ECO por tener un sistema de 48V



    Bueno, pues es una estafa, ni enchufable ni nada, son 330 CV con un sistema de microhibridación de 48v que ayuda a reducir la cantidad de emisiones de C02


    Se presenta en menos de una hora


    Venga vaaaa, que Maserati es la única que tiene el futuro garantizado en FCA+PSA


    Otro teaser



    The Ghibli Hybrid fearlessly looks to the future

    Let the future know you’re here.The Ghibli Hybrid fearlessly looks to the future.#SparkTheNext #MaseratiGhibli #Maserati

    Posted by Maserati on Saturday, July 11, 2020


    Puede que sea una mula con menos cambios


    Curisoso que lleve los pilotos solo camuflados y en las demás fotos no los lleve, puede que haya algún cambio.


    Cazado con un camuflaje muuuy ligero




    El trofeo de pruebas.


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