Laptop Lamborghini VX7 by Asus

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    Laptop Lamborghini VX7 by Asus


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    It’s not common place for brands in other industries collaborating with automakers to create a line of products that have been co-branded with their partners. You could even say that Ferrari has made this a lucrative form of business, especially with laptops and mobile phones in the form of their partnership with Acer.

    Another Italian supercar maker that has dived into the computer business is Lamborghini. Over the years, the Raging Bull has collaborated with computer company Asus to build a set of laptop models that not only rivals the Ferrari/Acer partnership, but also gives Lambo aficionados another way to support their favorite automotive brand without having to buy their ridiculously expensive supercars.

    Recently, the Lamborghini/Asus partnership revealed the latest fruit of their collaboration: the VX7 gaming laptop. Already in its seventh generation, the VX7 was designed using the Murcielago as its inspiration. The laptop features a clamshell lid with the iconic ’Toro’ logo; it’s got leather-lined palm-rests; heck, it even has a taillight-configuration on the back of the computer.

    Apart from all the Lamborghini details on the laptop, its specs also give justice to its designation as a gaming laptop. It’s got [u]a 2.0-GHz Intel Core processor with 16GB of RAM. It also has a Blu-Ray combo drive and an enormous storage space of 1.5 terrabytes that can be stored through a dual hard-drive configuration. The VX7 is available with a choice of two colors – Orange or Carbon Fiber – at a price tag befitting of Lamborghini’s status. That’s right, if you have a remote interest in this bad boy, you’re going to have to fork over €1,995, which is about $2,800 based on current exchange rates.[/u]

    Nobody ever said Lamborghini products came cheap. Even if it’s just a laptop.


    Finisimo el ordenador.Eso si,original un rato,pero 3000 €??? madre mia…

Viendo 3 entradas - de la 1 a la 3 (de un total de 3)
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